Sunday, November 17, 2013

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Friday, November 1, 2013

specific details(by this week)

During the first session, I learned such computer skills as quizlet, voki, wordle, frezi,making photo, mapping, and so on. I don't know these skills and didn't use these skills in my class, of course. May I tried to turn my face away acquiring these new technique about computer. Fortunately, I met Jeff and have a chance to learn his know-how. It was really new experience to me and meeting a new world. Especially, I enjoyed frezi and making comic phto. Frankly, until now, I can't understand what we learned in class completely, but through much effort, it may be solve. There is one thing to say. Your lecture consists of teaching and showing example first - searching and having a buffet second. If you made us follow each skill in step by step way, we could understand well more than now. But that's my problem. To conquer all skill we learned and to make a application to my class, I will practice more and more. I want to express my gratitude to let me know various skills. Thank you